Database Building and Database Hygiene

Data deteriorates at 2% per month, and above-average employee turnover rates we are seeing now don’t help. It can be an absolute chore to keep up with your contacts. Blink! And that lead you’ve been nurturing at your hottest account is gone–and you didn’t even notice. 

According to Marketing Sherpa, B2B data decays at an alarming annual rate of 22.5% … Data in terms of names and contacts is the most crucial aspect of any marketing and sales drive. Having the right data will ensure the successful conversion of leads into clients. However, with time, every database gets outdated and needs to be refreshed and revised.  

At UniqLeads we build bespoke databases and validate existing databases to ensure your lead generation hits the right targets. How will you hit your target if you can’t see it clearly? Poor marketing data is a fundamental problem when it comes to securing target prospect lists for your sales lead generation. We help our clients deliver improved results through building bespoke databases.  

Hence, data cleansing is of utmost importance. With our data hygiene services, your database will be analysed for corrupt or inaccurate records, typographical errors, incomplete information and by deleting and rectifying such gaps, will provide a fresh database that is devoid of such inaccuracies. 

As a result of following standardized and globally-accepted procedures, the database is devoid of invalid contacts making it easy to follow leads and saving time in the process.

Some other benefits of a UniqLeads’ data hygiene project include: 

  • Improved data quality
  • Fresh data with promising leads
  • Zero duplicates
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Enriched operational performance

We provide a data quality solution which offers data verification, data management, and data monitoring, all at the same time.