IT Vendors

One of the biggest challenges for sales reps in IT vendors is getting genuine leads

Leads need to meet specific qualification criteria. Finding decision makers takes time and is often a process of discovery. And with longer, often technical and higher solution costs, the IT industry has led the development of splitting salesforces into specialised sales roles such as inside sales, sales development and account management.

This is a great model but if your company doesn’t have the resources or capability to put it into action, your sales reps will need to; prospect, convert leads, nurture opportunities, close deals and manage accounts. In reality, they end up spending most of their time prospecting and building their pipelines.

How we help

For IT vendors who want their sales reps selling and doing less prospecting, we assist in three ways;

  1. We can provide a list of contacts and accounts to prospect over email
  2. We can qualify leads on multiple levels and criteria to provide leads from a defined target market, and who are actively looking for a solution
  3. Consult on how to leverage the power of a marketing automation solution

Why use us?

There are a lot of companies who claim they can help your lead-generation so why use us?

We’ve got a lot of experience generating leads for IT vendors and we offer a free trial so apart from lost time, there’s no cost to try us out.


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