About Us



UniqLeads is a specialist research agency. We work across multiple industry sectors targeting all position levels from c-suite to middle management offering you secure, efficient B2B lead generation to help grow your business. Our B2B lead generation solutions can help generate growth for your business by increasing your sales and delivering quality leads. 

UniqLeads is rooted in the core values which are Teamwork, Accountability, Creativity, Continued Partnership and We say, we do!. Our work ethics are driven by these core values and they oversee every aspect of our professional interaction. Our vision is to be the service provider of choice in recruitment and data research. 

We are proud of having helped several companies, from different industries, increase their bottom line successfully with our world-class data solutions. 


The way we work  

We provide a cost effective contact and account data acquisition solution to companies who rely upon email marketing for prospecting and sales.

  • Specify your target – Inform us who you want to target by Job Position, Region, Industry and Company Size
  • Research – Our team researches and builds data from scratch using various searching tools
  • Quality Check – Our Quality Team checks for errors and duplicate records and removes irrelevant data
  • Delivery – We deliver accurate & relevant data in your required format as per commitment

Over the years we have consistently fulfilled our client’s needs and earned a reputation for successful assignment delivery. This is perhaps best demonstrated through the high levels of repeat business we receive (presumably as a result of client satisfaction!).  

Our work is supported by the magnitude of importance we place on the research aspect of each project. In addition, we make no apology for recognizing that we work in a “People” business where our team is at the heart of what we do. We adhere to some simple guiding principles – courtesy, manners and respect for others; undertaken within the framework of a modern, commercially-focused business.  

At UniqLeads, we work with all our clients individually to map out their project requirements and build our plan-of-action in accordance with the brief. Our goal is to accurately deliver sales and marketing professionals not just more data, but relevant data. Thanks to our team of insight-driven consultants, with the right mix of expertise & experience, across industry, we are able to help sales and marketing teams craft data-driven strategies and meaningful execution plans for impactful results. 


In short, why use UniqLeads?  

  • We will equip you with a highly efficient opt-In database which is ready to use
  • We will save time and effort for your sales and marketing teams
  • Our contribution will guarantee you a better conversion rate on your data as the contacts are included based upon their preference

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